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Pæskatun - Alta Skiferprodukter AS
Alta Skiferprodukter AS was established in 1993.

Peska is one of the slate mountains in Alta. Up at the mountainside of Peska the slate quarry Pæskatun/Alta Skiferprodukter AS is located. After a few years of traditional slate production, we started in 1993 to further refine the renowned Alta slate to more products. Our long experience with slate is the basis for the development of the products. We have also developed our own methods and tools for the production.

The Alta slate is about 700 million years old and has its origin from the Late Pre-Cambrian time. Due to its high content of quartzite and feldspar the slate from Alta is concidered as the world's best quality slate. Its fine texture, straight surface and durability makes the Alta slate a unique natural stone. Based on these criteria we make our procucts which requires proper tools and knowlegde to complete, see products.

During the years Pæskatun has become well known, and is visited by tourists from all over the world. With pride we demonstrate the renowned Alta slate to groups throughout the year. For our guests' enthusiasm, we split the slate into thin layers that we afterwards with slate sciccors cuts into rooftiles. Pæskatun, 20 minutes from the center of Alta, is situated at a very special place. The location gives a fantastic view over the valley of Alta and out to the fiord. We have rebuilt some old slate cabins where one can both see and feel the drudgery from the time when the slate worker lived in the quarry during the whole week. Outside our guests can relax on benches by the campfire and enjoy the view.

See slate demo.

Northern Light

During the long winternights the magical Aurora Borealis often shines above Pæskatun, and has inspired us to create our Northern Light Show. The interesting show takes our guests through Alta's long scientific northern light history which is the background for the official name "Alta- the town of the northern light". With spectacular pictures and movies the phenomena is explained alongside with the myths connected to it. And did you know that the French revolution and the Apollo expeditions have a great part of the story?

We reccomend to combine the Northern Light Show with Slate Demonstration.

See Northern Light.

Some of the hand made products we offers:

- Gifts

- Clocks

- Door signs

- Slate pictures

Contact us:

Tlf: 78 43 33 45
Fax: 78 43 33 33
Mobil: 970 60 489
E-mail: peskatun@altaskifer.no
Address: Alta Skiferprodukter AS
9518 Alta


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Products can be purchased at Alta Museum and at Rica Hotel Alta.

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