During the years we have arranged all kinds of events at Pæskatun

Northern Lights Camp 16.10.2017
19:00 to 23:00
Pick-up service Alta centre, transport included.

In cooparation with Borealis Winter Festival the norwegian astrophysicist Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard and his wife Anne Mette Sannes, and also the norwegian astrophysict Pål Brekke, have been here several times with their different, interesting and fascinating astroshows to both Pæskatuns as well as people of Altas pleasure. In these occations we have here at Pæskatun constructred a Northern Light Observatory of snow and ice, decorated by the icesculptor Laila Kolostyak, and different cultural events have taken place at the scene. Sami artists as Johan Sara Jr., Ája (Kai Somby) and Ann-Mari Andersen have been performing, as well as different local dance and theatre groups.

The Northern Light Evening in cooperation with Rica Hotel Alta, has become a very popular event. Slate and Northern Light shows combined with meals prepared by Ricas best shefs at site!

Celebrating anniversaries at Pæskatun is also popular.

We can arrange your special event, please contact us for more information!

See pictures from different events.

Photo: Hallgeir Strifeldt, Jarle Mjøen, Hanne Larsen og Trond Strifeldt.