Northern Lights Safari

Northern Lights Safari with bus

Hunting the Northern Lights - daily departure

We at Pæskatun want to share with you our fascination for the amazing and mythical Northern Lights and the overwhelming dark winter sky filled with countless stars. Come with us to hunt the Northern Lights by bus!

We will leave behind us all the artificial lights from town.
According to the weather forecast and with our specific knowledge about the topography surrounding Alta we will go for the clearest skies and best locations to see the Northern Lights and to take pictures.
To make sure that you feel comfortable during our trip you can lend thermal dresses, warm winter boots, hats and gloves for free.
Our local and experienced guides will explain the history and science behind the Northern Lights and will give camera support.
They also take portraits of you and the best pictures will be sent to your e-mail address.
Duration can vary depending on how early the Northern Lights appears and how far we need to drive to find the phenomenon.
Our only main goal is that YOU see the Northern Lights to provide your most unique experience in the Arctic Region.

Portrait, camera help, hot beverages, soup & bread, snacks
Thermal clothing and shoes for free lending

Additional information:
Warm winter clothing and shoes recommended.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee finding the Northern Lights.
But still, in the 2016/17 season we had 98% hits!

Your arctic highlight!

Season: 15.09 - 23.12 / 26.12 - 08.04
Capacity: 1-50
Departure: 19:00 (21:00 in Sep and from 25. March) or as agreed
Duration: Approx. 5 hours
NET price, inclusive transport: NOK 1500/750 per adult/child 12 years and under
PayPal, credit card or cash on arrival.

From old entrance at the Scandic Hotel Alta, then the other accommodations:

Booking before 4pm same day.
Groups contact Pæskatun.

Book directly or contact Pæskatun for more information:
970 60 489

Northern Lights Guiding (only for group) The phenomenon Aurora Borealis has spellbound mankind ever since the first people thousands of years ago migrated to this wonderful part of the world. With none of today's rational explanations, the Northern Lights formed a part of the myths and religion in people's life. Some believed that it was souls of the beloved ones that were waving; others believed the light was dancing virgins. In all cases the light was considered dangerous and there was a risk of getting caught when teasing it. Even today children are afraid of the Northern Lights. There is of course a scientific cause behind the magical Northern Lights, a light that has interested scientists since the Age of Enlightenment. Did you know that the Northern Lights history of Alta and the reason behind the official name 'the town of the Northern Lights', started with the French revolution and the Duke of Orleans? Let us take you through a journey of this magnificent history at Pæskatun, including fabulous movies and pictures of the fantastic Northern Lights. The exciting and interesting show is offered both winter and summer! At wintertime, due to the weather condition, there are high possibilities to see the Northern Lights from outdoor at Pæskatun (see dark period schedule), alongside with the fantastic view from the mountainside of the valley of Alta where Pæskatun is situated. We also provide binoculars to watch the stars. There will be a Northern Lights watch outside throughout the show that takes place inside our tempered hall or in the cottage. We recommend combining the Northern Lights show with our slate demonstration. Local produced artifacts, souvenirs etc. is available. Practical information:

• Show length approx. 20 minutes
• Warm winter clothing, winter boots, hat and gloves when winter
• Groups only
• Preorder

Show and dinner
We can in cooperation with Scandic Hotel Alta offer Northern light evening combined with slate demonstration at Pæskatun. Scandic,s best chefs will prepare a two meal course at site with local food.

Cultural entertainment with music, dancing, etc. can be arranged, events.

Please contact Pæskatun for more information and prices:

970 60 489 daytime.

Foto: Pål E. Olsen, Hanne Larsen og Trond Strifeldt