Experience the world-renowned Alta slate at Pæskatun!

Experience the Alta slate in great surroundings at Pæskatun - 20 minutes drive from the center of Alta. With joy and pride we have throughout more than 15 years - to smaller as well as bigger groups - presented our old slate industry. We will give you a genuine, once in a lifetime experience you probably never will forget!

Ordinary program

When arriving at Pæskatun a guide will greet you welcome and lead you to our warm production hall where the slate demonstration takes place. The demonstration starts with an interesting journey through the history of the slate industry in Alta and also show how it is today. With traditional tools we will demonstrate how our forefathers worked with the slate, and it is always exciting to see whether the huge block of slate will split or not. How to cut the slate with scissors (is that possible?) will also be demonstrated. It never stops surprising us how fascinating people from all over the world find this unique stone. When the demonstration is over it is time for the guests to find the slate worker inside them selves and cut their own souvenir of slate with one of the slate scissors! This has become increasingly popular! Afterwords we may move to one of the old slate cottages which are placed outside the production hall. Inside one can both see and feel the drudgery the slate worker had to deal with in the old times. Coffee or tea can be served here, in the lavvu or by the campfire outside if the weather conditions are good. Pæskatun provides also a magnificent view over the valley of Alta and out to the fiord.

Slate, Northern Lights and dinner. In corporation with Scandic Hotel Alta we can offer a Northern Lights Evening at Pæskatun with slate demonstration, northern light show and a two course meal. An unforgettable and unique event this is, and the last group that joined us would not leave!

The demonstration is for groups only and has to be preordered. Please contact Pæskatun for opening hours and prices. Tlf. 78 43 33 45 / 970 60 489
e-post peskatun@altaskifer.no

N-9518 Alta, Norway
Tlf: 78 43 33 45 Mob: 970 60 489 Fax: 78 43 33 37
E-post: peskatun@altaskifer.no